Disappear Here


angry poetry
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nobody remind me
i forgot it all on purpose
if you find it
discard it
never be the one to start shit
restart this
start over
if you’re over me
stay over longer

cause i’ll come back stronger
like a rash
you can’t get rid of
every time i’ll be another picture
a thousand words
you can’t decipher

stand aside
never ask them what for
say “decipher?
i barely know her”
you take each shot for taken
so who ain’t broken
and who can fix me

bristles don’t fit
nor missed on weekends
if you’re down for whittling
i’ll pine for ages
flimsy palindromes
you’re either with me or aren’t jack
roses get thorny
i do get along well
with broadsides and parcels
i only kill stars when spark lacks ignition
imagination is friction
i make do with all i’m given


JD Jurado- Disappear Here is about trying to be angry at someone who you don’t even know anymore. 

pal-in-dromes noun 
a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backward as forward. e.g. madam 
or never odd or even.


JD-Jurado © 2020 all right reserved.

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