Still Beat

mouth with nails
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carom before annihilation
heel turned face
evaluate me
get indicted
pull 180°
my life as A-rank
upstages phalanx

we win
devour soul stuffs
stay attentive
bolster worthless
drones to stop me
you serve a softy
cracks whip on ice skin
bruises buried in
black-eyed coffin

your words lost on me
you speak too often
everything you say is lofty
can’t relate
stole your pace
now keep up
while you eat my dust bowl

charming devil
looks disheveled
i’m Geppetto
get on my level
or test your mettle
either way
won’t hit a lick on my soul


JD Jurado- Still Beat is about choosing not to be bad.

car-om noun
a stroke in which the cue ball srikes two balls successively.

strike and rebouond


JD-Jurado © 2020 all rights reserved.

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