Bunyip Nimrod

cigarette turmoil bad situation
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splitting teeth grin
ear to ear to torn cheek
laughs at steppingstones
while kissing feet
loves being trampled on
and adores being burdened
knows all that it wants
is to be
fucking burning

circus of inertia
rearranged to be waylaid
attracted to kayfabe
pretend to be a person for my sake
or like you don’t get off on paydays

don’t fuck with the worthless
everyone jumps ship for triple digits
but i stay on it

neither with nor in the fuck shit
your delusions are amusing
but not worth consideration
not really
and none of you have or can feel me
so stay behind
while blind luck makes the best
out of the bad hand
we both picked

the situation was rearranged
and i abhor
that i was born from worthless
now a master of the left hand
my modus appropriated;
focus on the road
then let’s you and i blow it


JD-Jurado – Bunyip Nimrod is about being stuck in a bad situation with a good friend and making the best out of it.

Wikipedia-In professional wrestling, kayfabe is the portrayal of staged evens within the industry as “real” or “true”, specifically the portrayal of competition, rivalries, and relationships between participants as being genuine and not of a staged or predetermined nature of any kind. The term kayfabe has evolved to also ecome a code word of sorts for maintaining this “reality” within the direct or indirect presence of the general public. 



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